The easiest way to get a virus into your system is through email. Social engineering tactics make it easy to trick computer users into opening virus infected emails. In fact, over 85% of all virus infections occur via infected emails. These infections can result in up to 20 lost work days and dozens of hours in recovery time. With lost productivity and cleanup, these catastrophes cost businesses an average of $10,000 an incident.

EPOscan scans all inbound emails and attachments to protect your system and network from over 64,000 costly and destructive macros, viruses, and trojan horses.

EPOscan works with all existing email systems and hosting services. By utilizing the EPOscan service, you don't need to install or maintain any hardware or software. As well, we update the EPOscan virus database several times a day to ensure that we are scanning for the most recent viruses that are circulating.

How does EPOscan work?
Through records stored in your domain's DNS records, all electronic mail is routed through the EPOscan servers.

Any attachments are decoded and uncompressed. The attachments and the email message are then scanned for viruses.

NOTE: Some viruses are engineered to make extraction from the email difficult on the fly. Therefore, we can not guarantee that we will detect every virus.

If everything scans clean, the message is then sent on to the recipients normal mail server for processing.

If the message or attachment scans positive for a virus, EPOscan will attempt to disinfect the message. If successful, the message is then sent on to the recipients normal mail server for processing. If the virus can not be removed, the attachment is destroyed and a notification message is then sent to you and the original sender informing you both that the message was infected with a virus and destroyed.
What if  EPOscan has sent me a message?
If you've been sent a message informing you that you've been protected by EPOscan, then you don't really need to do anything. If the sender of the message was really the one listed in the email, they'll be notified that their system is infected and they can take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

If you've been listed as the sender of an infected email, you need to determine whether or not your system is truly infected. Keep in mind that many of today's viruses cloak the actual sender of message so that the virus can continue propogating itself without interruption.

Regardless, any message should be a reminder that highly destructive viruses are all over the Internet and that you should do whatever you can to protect yourself from them.
I already have virus scanning software. Why do I need EPOscan?
How often do you update the definition files for your virus software? Ours are updated several times a day. In some cases, 5 or 6 new viruses can be discovered a day. Most people update their definition files when it's too late. EPOscan gives you a first line of defence against early virus attacks.
Why does NISA scan for viruses and my ISP doesn't?
We can't really answer that question because we don't know how much your ISP knows about email. What we do know is that we've got over 20 years of experience in developing email solutions. One of the needs we recognize is the need to cut down the amount of viruses being sent via email.
Do I need my own virus scanning software
EPOscan is not intended to protect your computer or network from viruses. You can get viruses into your computer from a variety of exposures:
  • software downloaded from the Internet
  • websites with harmful programs embedded in the code
  • email
  • MP3 music files
  • infected documents from friends and co-workers
  • infected diskettes
There are many other sources as well. You should have virus scanning software installed on your computer or at very worst, scan with an up-to-date online service on a regular basis (weekly or every couple of days). EPOscan is simply a line of defence against email-borne viruses.
How does can EPOscan integrate into my current email?
This really depends on your email address. If you have an email address in your ISP's domain (ie, then you would need to change your email address to an address that we host. You don't need to change your ISP to do this, just stop using their email address or forward it to ours. How you connect to the Internet doesn't have to have anything to do with your email (or your website if you have one).

If you have your own domain and use an email address on that, you can either move your hosting to NISA, or have the MX record redirect to us. You can even keep your website hosting where it is and have us handle all of your email services.
How much does EPOscan cost?
If you have your dialup access with NISA or use NISA to host your website, EPOscan services are included at no extra charge.

Contact us for a quote on hosting or EPOscan services for your existing email setup.